Three Rivers Spinone is located in the heart of the Missoula Valley. We love the outdoors and our dogs. We are a family in Missoula Montana with our first Spinone. I wanted a companion family dog that was easy, nice, and loveable. My husband wanted a hunting dog. We both got exactly what we wanted. Our breeder encouraged us to consider breeding Dolce. Her sire is from Ezio Pagliarini who has worked nearly 50 years to produce in his Spinone kennel in Perugia, Italy. After a few years living with her and seeing what a great family and hunting dog she is we decided it be a benefit to all Spinone lovers (and would be Spinone lovers) if we bred her.

We want to preserve the hunting and companionship characteristics of the Spinone and breed with Spinones for those qualities. We want to produce good hunters that have good dispositions.

Puppies are born and raised in our home and cared for by us the entire time. My husband is a veterinarian so the mother and puppies will have a lot of attention and care. We are looking forward to starting this journey and sharing all the spinone love with many wonderful families.

We want to ensure this is the right breed and dog for you. Please call anytime and talk “dogs” with us ~ we are happy to share stories, answer questions and find out more about what you want in a dog.


Buffa Litter

three river spinone puppies 335

Buffa litter born 11/7/19. Next litter planned for fall 2021.Please email for information to get on wait list. Check out pictures of the Buffas litter on the puppy page and also on our Facebook page.

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