The Spinone is a great family dog and also a great hunting dog! They have a personality that is warm, loving, docile, and devoted. Spinones are good with children and even love the family cat! They can occasionally be stubborn but usually just need a romp in the yard or a walk for typical exercise. With that said, they can search all day on a hunt with you or swim all day with the family in the river.

As bird dogs Spinones can’t be beat. The Spinone tracks, points, flushes and retrieves. They are a fine gun dog and intelligent hunter. Spinones are not flashy…they are slow and steady on the hunt. Their coat protects them from water and freezing temperatures and doesn’t collect many burrs.

They stay relatively close but are tenacious tracking birds. This is a breed you will love as a hunting companion!



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We don't have puppies now but expect to have a litter late 2019 or early 2020. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and pictures of Dolce and puppies in their forever homes. Learn More...

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